Committed Cost- the premier Project Control Software

CommittedCost is the premier project control software for project managers, project sponsors and site inspectors who spend most of their time on the operational elements of projects which demand  a fit-for-purpose project control system.

The dated method of endless emails, spreadsheets and faxes is unmanageable for the busy professional. It leads to stress, strained relationships, lack of sleep and high turnover of key personnel. Furthermore it distracts the key people from focusing on proactive project execution.


Committed Cost is quick to set up and easy to operate. It empowers users to :

  • Connect all project stakeholders- an online system
  • Pay as you go with no up-front cost
  • No software to install so it can be used from anywhere at any time
  • Avoid project cost surprises- Monitor project costs as they are incurred
  • Monitor complete capital programs- multiple projects rolled up into a Budget
  • Reduce costs- if you want to improve it… measure it
  • Catch problems sooner- with real time information you can proactively minimize issues
  • Quick reporting- the first screen you see is your Budget roll-up… drill down from there

Our clients are busy multi-taskers who understand being operationally hands on is the best way to improve project performance. CommittedCost connects all project stakeholders to a common system that is all in one place, fast to setup and simple to use. So whether you do a few projects each year, or hundreds, you are in control. You track your budgets, project progress, committed costs to date or estimate final project costs from anywhere… in real time. CommittedCost keeps all stakeholders informed in real time… before it is too late to correct problems.


That is the mission of CommittedCost… to bring all project stakeholders together so communication is improved, project information is conveyed better, errors are reduced and we can all get onto the next job faster. We can achieve this together by being more collaborative, reducing stress and building a positive project environment. You job is already difficult enough.. let us help…