2017-11-20 WebMasterENG releases SpecBreak

WebMasterENG, the operator of CommittedCost.com, is proud to release it latest offering called SpecBreak. SpecBreak is an online collaborative to track complex equipment items, the documents associated to each component and the task and events that occur (or will occur) for each component. This asset management process, called Management of Change (MOC) is specifically designed to allow all stakeholder groups, EXTERNAL and INTERNAL, to perform their work on one common system.

We all know the importance of our trusted contractor and vendor companies. We rely on them as if there are part of our organization. SpecBreak now allows ALL data to be captured on one centralized system. This system is highly secure and structured to emulate your company’s corporate hierarchy.

We are all trying our best to improve productivity and reduce cost. An important step toward that is to leverage the contributions of our stakeholders to be a force multiplier to drive momentum toward better bottom line results.

Also, as an update, CommittedCost continues to gather support as it has now surpassed the $100MM in project value. It continues to be refined and recently was used on a large pipeline project with 8 inspectors all submitting daily reports and costs. It successfully helped the project proceed along in a smooth fashion by all accounts with NO COST SURPRISES.

2016-11-28 CommittedCost.com NEWS

We are pleased to announce that CommittedCost.com is now managing projects in excess of $50 million in total budget. These projects are of all sizes controlled by successful project managers who need to:

  • Understand their capital commitments to date.
  • Get daily progress reports and seamlessly broadcast project information to project stakeholders.
  • Monitor changes to their original budgets and why they happened.
  • Accrue capital for their accounting departments and
  • Know how much has been invoiced and how much is left to invoice.

CommittedCost.com has made it easy for our current clients to get started because there is no software to install, no upfront cost, a pay-as-you-go model that can be invoiced back to the project itself and an easy set-up. Most of our clients got started with our Free Trial offer.

Congratulations to our clients for taking a solid step to your next promotion!!!

Kind regards,


2016-06-03 CommittedCost.com NEWS

Exciting news from CommittedCost!! We just released an upgrade for our tool for tracking project field Committed Costs. We won’t bore you with the details but rest assured it is a significant enhancement.

Now recall… CommittedCost is an online system to help project stakeholders monitor project progress with a strong emphasis on the tools to track, analyze, and report committed costs as the costs are incurred. This is a very often neglected process that leads to inaccurate costs hampering decision making, financial reporting and project execution. Included in Daily Reports are other project elements ranging from daily work progress to other project specific items… and if Daily Report information you need is missing we’ll add it inside of 24 hours.

We are including a video to help illuminate the difficulties our Site Supervision personnel have in providing this critical data. These guys have very difficult jobs and unfortunately this critical data often gets neglected. Please have it look…. Its FREE!!

To view Video (Click here)

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